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About APRA

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APRA is the Alaska Public Risk Alliance, a new risk pool to serve Alaska‘s municipalities and school districts. It would bring together the two self-insurance programs that have been meeting the needs of Alaska’s communities for almost four decades: Alaska Public Entity Insurance (APEI) and the Alaska Municipal League Joint Insurance Association (AMLJIA).

Right now, APRA is an idea, one that the leaders of both AMLJIA and APEI thought was ripe for exploration. Why? Because there is reason to believe that Alaska’s communities would be better served if the strengths of each pool could be consolidated into one, larger organization. A single pool would merge the talented staff of each organization, increasing capacity to serve members, while avoiding the duplication – and associated cost – of operating two separate risk pools.

The decision to investigate a potential consolidation was made in December 2022, followed by work to ensure that Alaska law would support such a change. Since the summer of 2023, an eight-member Consolidation Committee – four board members from APEI and four from AMLJIA – have been meeting at least monthly to study whether the promise of the Alaska Public Risk Alliance is something that they can deliver on: if one pool really would serve our communities better than two.

The effort so far has been positive. But there’s much more work to do. Follow this site to keep on top of the Committee’s work, and what it may mean for the future.

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Consolidation Information Session #1 - March 14, 2024

Consolidation Information Session #2 - June 5, 2024